manage all your office or shop supplies with supply inventory manager software from solution crafters group

office supply and shop supply inventory management software.

software features

  • track products, orders, and vendors
  • suggests reorder quantity to get best price
  • report inventory by location to take inventory with less time
  • get report of products that need to be reordered
  • assign products to vendor to simplify the reorder process
  • track vendor product number as well as in house product number for ease of communication with vendors
  • track inventory transfers to departments and jobs and cost information
  • automatically receive an order into inventory
  • report  on orders for products and inventory levels

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supply inventory manager is a software application designed to help track office and shop supplies for small business or departments within larger companies. it provides a simple interface but powerful functions and is affordable.  it will help keep the business running smoothly by ensuring you have the materials you need to run your business.

supply inventory manager incorporates many of the functions of a complex expensive inventory system into a simple easy to use interface.

do you have difficulty tracking the supplies sent to departments or jobs?

reorder points can be set for products and reports are generated to show what products need to be ordered to maintain inventory levels.  reorder quantities can be set to tell the purchaser how much of the product to buy in order to achieve the best price break or quantity discount.

reports can be generated to tell you what products you have used over time. the inventory verification report can be set up to sort locations so it matches the layout of your supply area making inventory much easier.

all this functionality in an interface that is easy to use and at a price that is easy to afford makes supply inventory manager the perfect inventory software for small business.